IDA Network Financial Assistance Fund

IDA Network Financial Assistance Fund

The IDA Network Financial Assistance Fund helps trans and nonbinary people throughout New England* who cannot afford to pay the fees for their legal name and gender marker changes. These costs often exceed $400 including court fees and the fees associated with updating identity documents.

While some Massachusetts residents may be eligible to have their court fees waived, this does not cover any of the other associated costs of a legal name change. We also recognize that these costs may be prohibitive for people who are not eligible for MA’s waiver. The IDA Network Financial Assistance Fund can help cover all of these costs! Learn how to apply below.

*MTPC also provides assistance to people living in New England states other than MA when there are no other sources of funding available in their state. See a listing of name changes fees in other states here. Contact us at with any questions!

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Step 1: Find out if you are eligible for the MA Waiver of Court Fees and Costs.
(Only applicable for MA residents.)

Click the button below to access the eligibility requirements for the waiver of court fees and costs for Massachusetts residents.

If you are eligible for this waiver, please follow these instructions to apply:

Step 2: Fill out MTPC’s Financial Assistance Application.

Please fill out all required questions marked with an asterisk (*).
Make sure you scroll to the bottom of each page of the form until you see the ‘Submit’ button.

Once you have submitted this form, someone from MTPC will contact you to talk through your application.