Education & Training Services

MTPC offers training and capacity building support to assist professionals and community in developing inclusive spaces. We strengthen the infrastructure and skills within organizations and systems to enable them to be responsive and accountable to the needs of trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive communities. We cultivate trusted relationships to foster accountability and facilitate open communication when issues of privilege and discrimination arise.


“Thanks to MTPC’s workshop, I have a much better understanding of how to create a workplace environment that is more inclusive and welcoming for transgender people…”

Is your school, workplace, hospital, or business fully inclusive of transgender identities? Is your company in compliance with the transgender non-discrimination laws? Do your students have questions about transgender and nonbinary identities?

MTPC provides professional and corporate trainings on a variety of transgender-related topics: from introductions to transgender identities, to detailed analysis of nondiscrimination laws, and how they apply to schools and businesses. Every training session is tailored to the needs of the group or audience, and includes relevant handouts and resources for all participants.

We have presented workshops and trainings locally, nationally, and internationally, including, but not limited to: Harvard University, Harvard Law School, Comcast, Duke University Law School, Riverside Community Care, MBCR, health care facilities across New England, and many more.

MTPC also provides capacity building/technical assistance for human resources professionals who are developing forms and policies regarding trans issues.

For information about training, building capacity/technical assistance for trans inclusion, pricing, or to learn more: contact us!

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Training and Workshop Descriptions

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The Path to Inclusion: An Understanding of Trans and Nonbinary Identities

(Recommended time: 3 hours)

Training curriculum and activities encompass collaborative learning; presentation of terminology and relevant cultural information; skills-building exercises; and problem-solving techniques for supporting trans individuals

This workshop will provide:

  • An introduction to the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • Discussion on the diversity of trans identities and experiences;
  • Examples of policies, practices, and procedures to support transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive communities;
  • Approaches to creating a welcoming environment at school, in the workplace, healthcare, and other service provision settings, etc.

Audience: Career development staff, school administrators, health center counselors, social workers, educators, and LGBT and/or diversity center staff.

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Beyond Gender: The Intersectionality of Identities within Trans and Nonbinary Communities

(Recommended time: 1/2 day or full day)

We are all affected by issues of oppression, whether we are oppressed based on the identities we hold or help to maintain a system of oppression based on power. Transgender and nonbinary individuals deal with a myriad of issues most often created by discrimination, bias, violence, and flawed practices. Many of us employ a variety of tactics and behaviors in an effort to avoid dealing with painful subjects of inequality, oppression, and privilege.

This training encompasses collaborative learning, skills building, and problem-solving techniques for working from an anti-oppression lens. Previous training on transgender and nonbinary communities is recommended for this training

This workshop will provide:

  • An overview of the structures and mechanisms of oppression and privilege;
  • An introduction to the cycle of socialization;
  • Discuss the diversity of trans and non-binary identities and experience;
  • Examples and best practices for developing an intersectional framework;
  • An exploration of strategies for response to oppression and inequality.

Audience: Diversity professionals, career development staff, school administrators, health and human service workers/professionals/administrators, shelter staff, social workers, educators, nurses, mental health professionals, drug and alcohol treatment providers, supervisors, management, front line staff/employees, LGBT advocacy and service organizations, LGBTQ+ community & social groups, and LGBTQ+ affirming/welcoming congregations.

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Providing Gender-Affirming Care

(Recommended time: 3 hours)

Training curriculum and activities encompass collaborative learning models including case studies; presentation of terminology and relevant cultural information; skills-building exercises; and problem-solving techniques for supporting trans patients and clients.

This workshop will provide:

  • Difference between sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • Best practices for creating policies and practices to support transgender, nonbinary, and gender questioning patients and clients;
  • Approaches to creating gender-affirming care for transgender communities in a healthcare (physical and behavioral) setting.

Audience: Healthcare providers, doctors, surgeons, nurses, health center counselors, dentists, therapists, mental health professionals, social workers, drug and alcohol treatment providers, supervisors, management, and front line staff/employees.

“The training was fantastic – a wonderful and enlightening introduction to transgender identities and experiences.”

“The technical assistance provided by MTPC allowed our health care facility to create trans-friendly documents and forms.”

~ Testimonials from training participants