What We Do

While there are many advocacy organizations focused broadly on the LGBTQ+ community there are very few that are led by and created specifically for the trans community, and in Massachusetts, MTPC is that organization.

Our Programs

Trans Leadership Academy

The Trans Leadership Academy supports trans and nonbinary people with workforce development, mentoring and training, and material and financial support in an affirming environment; we hope to alleviate the issues of unemployment, economic inequity, incarceration and recidivism. Participants  engage in career development workshops, mentorship sessions, and community gatherings.

IDA Network

The Identity Document Assistance Network (IDA Network) provides guidance, support and financial assistance for trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive people living in New England who are seeking to update their legal name and/or gender on federal and state documents. Not everyone needs an attorney’s assistance in this process, but it can still be very overwhelming and complicated so we’re here to help!


G.E.A.R. (Gender Euphoria and Affirmation Resources) provides trans and nonbinary people in Massachusetts with access to products, garments, and resources that affirm who they are at no cost. Everyone deserves to feel comfort and joy in their body!


REACH (Relief and Emergency Assistance for Community Hope) provides transgender and nonbinary people in Massachusetts with emergency funds for a variety of expenses. Trans and nonbinary people experience economic inequities at some of the highest rates across the state and nationwide. In MTPC’s Working for Lived Equity community needs assessment one in two trans people identified paying bills and emergency funds as a top concern regarding their basic needs. REACH aims to alleviate the financial hardships experienced by trans individuals in our community.