REACH Emergency Funding

As of 9/13/23 REACH applications are paused until further notice. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disruption.

Relief and Emergency Assistance for Community Hope

REACH, Relief and Emergency Assistance for Community Hope, provides transgender and nonbinary people in Massachusetts with emergency funds for a variety of expenses. Trans and nonbinary people experience economic inequities at some of the highest rates across the state and nationwide. In MTPC’s Working for Lived Equity (W4LE) 2019 community needs assessment, one in two trans people identified paying bills and emergency funds as a top concern regarding their basic needs. REACH aims to alleviate the financial hardships experienced by trans individuals in our community

What types of expenses does REACH provide emergency funding for?

Basic Needs: Essential expenses such as food, rental assistance, undergarments, hygiene and sanitary products, utilities, and transportation.

Medical Expenses: Urgent medical bills, medications, medical equipment, and transportation to/from appointments.

Mental Health Support: Counseling or therapy services for individuals experiencing emotional distress or trauma.

Disaster Recovery: Assistance for community members affected by unexpected disasters, including recovery costs or essential supplies.

Other Urgent Needs: Assistance with unforeseen emergency expenses.

Who is eligible for REACH?

Transgender and nonbinary people living in Massachusetts who are experiencing economic hardship and/or emergency expenses can apply to REACH.

How can I receive my emergency funds if my application is approved?

Your options to receive payment include physical check (mailed or pick-up in Downtown Boston, e-check/electronic funds transfer, physical gift card (mailed or pick-up in Downtown Boston), or electronic gift card. If none of these options are accessible to you, contact us and we will explore other options.

When can I expect to hear back about my application status?

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis in the order in which they were received. Applicants will generally be contacted within 7-14 business days via email.

How often can I apply for emergency funds? How much can I expect to receive?

We currently provide a maximum of $750 per applicant per year. You can apply as many times as needed up to that $750 total.

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