MA Trans Health Coalition

The Massachusetts Transgender Health Coalition (MTHC) includes active memberships from LGBTQ+ and health advocacy organizations that serve transgender and gender diverse people throughout the state. The Coalition works to increase access to quality, equitable health care for trans and gender diverse people. Members meet monthly to discuss bills, laws, policies, and other issues related to trans-inclusive health care and services, coordinate responses, troubleshoot barriers in patient navigation, and share resources and information.

Mission & Vision

The Massachusetts Transgender Health Coalition (MTHC) works to increase access to quality, equitable healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people. Through an intersectional and anti-racist lens, MTHC seeks to uplift the diverse needs, experiences, and voices of trans and gender diverse people to ensure a healthcare system that works for all of us. In our future, all transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals have affirming experiences when seeking care and access to the services they need to live well and thrive.

History & Accomplishments

Founded in 2013, the Massachusetts Transgender Health Coalition (MTHC) works to increase access to equitable healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people. MTHC formed after passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to leverage the law to promote transgender-inclusive policies in the state. Our work focuses on removing discriminatory barriers to coverage for gender affirming health and mental health services in public and private health markets, including MassHealth (Medicaid) and those insurance plans overseen by the Group Insurance Commission as well as the Division of Insurance. 

The coalition includes active membership from LGBTQ and health advocacy organizations that serve transgender individuals throughout the state. Members include the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), MassEquality, GLBTQ Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), Fenway Health, Health Law Advocates (HLA), Health Care for All Massachusetts (HCFA), Community Catalyst, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM), Boston Health Care for the Homeless, OutServe – Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (serving LGBTQ veterans), the Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, and more. MTHC also includes participation from individuals who are transgender and who advocate for transgender rights and equity as parents, veterans, attorneys, providers and researchers.

In the first four years of its initiation, MTHC successfully:  1) Collaborated with the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) to issue a bulletin requiring private health insurance plans remove discriminatory exclusions for transgender consumers;  2) Organized a listening session with MassHealth featuring three transgender consumers to improve upon public insurance policies;  3) Provided education to the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) to remove transgender exclusions from their health plans; and  4) Established a strong support network for transgender consumers facing barriers to health and mental health care which includes legal guidance, advocacy support, and help navigating complicated health care systems through the coordination of our coalition partners. Prior to the creation of MTHC, a transgender consumer would need to independently seek out medical, legal, and advocacy guidance. Transgender consumers now connected to one coalition partner can access a variety of well-coordinated supports and services.


What does the MTHC do?

The members of the MTHC share and amplify resources and initiatives related to trans health and wellness in Massachusetts, collaborate on troubleshooting barriers in patient/client navigation, and coordinate commentary on relevant bills and legislation within the state.

What kind of group is the MTHC and how does it function?

The MTHC is a group of medical and service providers, health care educators, health law advocates, and community members that share the common goal of protecting and advancing transgender health. The Coalition meets monthly and communicates regularly via email listserv.

Who is a part of the MTHC?

There are about 40 active members in the MA Trans Health Coalition from organizations, community health centers, and practices all over the state. A full list of members is coming soon.

How can I get involved?

Membership to MTHC is open to providers, advocates, and community members involved in providing, protecting, and/or advancing transgender health. If you or your organization is interested in joining the MA Trans Health Coalition, please contact