Professionals for Transgender Rights

Professionals for Transgender Rights (PTR) is an annual fundraising gala by the business community to support trans rights.

PTR 2020 Canceled!

We recognize the financial disruption during the pandemic and understand that everyone’s efforts are focused on emergency response and recovery. With the federal government moving in recent days to roll back protections for transgender and other LGBTQ people, it is more important than ever that we hold the line in Massachusetts. Particularly as our trans community, especially black and brown trans people, go through this COVID-19 pandemic with the least economic power and access to healthcare of anyone in this country, the trans community needs trans political power to advocate for our community at this moment.

MTPC is one of the strongest, most recognized organizations of its kind, and your support is needed to keep it that way. Now, more than ever, MTPC needs your support to ensure that transgender rights continue to have a strong defender in Massachusetts.

Support MTPC 

A special thank you to Eastern Bank for their continued support of MTPC and the trans and nonbinary communities in MA!