From Mason: My Thanks

Posted by: | Posted on: November 27, 2013

Thanks Blog ImageThis week marks an opportunity for many of us to convey our thankfulness to those around us. In honor of the holiday and spirit of the harvest season, I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks.

This is my first holiday season here in the Boston area, and my first with MTPC. Despite my relative “newness” to the community in this area, the outpouring of support, kindness, and compassion with which I have been received has had a profound impact on me. From your welcoming emails, to your warm wishes at community events, and your phone calls – I want you all to know how much I appreciate the welcome you have extended to me.

On a personal note, I want to also thank the volunteers, interns, staff, and steering committee here at MTPC. It takes a small army to operate an organization like MTPC, and without those who selflessly give their time, energy, skills, and leadership, we would be unable to accomplish any of the work that we do. Thank you to Jesse, who has been a fantastic asset to this organization, and continues to show tireless dedication to this community. Thank you to our interns and volunteers whose time and skills drive a large portion of our work: Devyn, Landen, Mel, Ryan, and Tom. Thank you to the steering committee members, who volunteer their time and leadership skills to this organization: Nancy, Max, Bobbi, Grace, Alishia, Chris, Daniel, Kim, Mycroft, Tharyn, and Tre’Andre.  I also want to thank the policy and interfaith committees who give a great deal of time and effort to their focus areas. Thank you!

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about MTPC and our work. Whether you’re a member of the trans community, or an ally, family member, or friend – each of you is an important piece of the tapestry that makes up MTPC, and for that, I am deeply thankful. As you may know, we are a community based, community driven organization; so, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be here, and work with you. Your support and kindness is greatly appreciated here at MTPC – thank you.

As 2014 approaches, I hope to have the opportunity to see and work with you all. If you have any questions, or if there’s anything on your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me (

sig shortWishing you each a wonderful, warm, and welcoming season.




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