New Year, New Paths, New Opportunity

Every year, around this time, I look back on the year that’s passed, and contemplate the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.

2018 marked so many exciting milestones for MTPC: it was the 17th year since our founding, we helped successfully protect our nondiscrimination protections from repeal, we removed medical requirements for gender marker changes on state IDs and began working hand in hand with the Massachusetts RMV to start issuing nonbinary gender markers (which will roll out in 2019), and so much more. For me, personally, this past August marked my fifth years as executive director here at MTPC. It has been a profound honor to serve my community in this capacity.

During my time with MTPC, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with community members, allies, and organizations across the state. I’ve met so many of you out there, and forged new friendships that have enriched my life beyond what I ever anticipated.

But now it’s time for someone new to have the same opportunities I have had as executive director, and carry this organization down new paths, with new vision. There are so many amazing trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming leaders out there – and part of my role in this organization has been lifting up your voices across the state. Now, it’s time for me to step aside and open the opportunity up to our community.

So, in the next few months, I will be leaving my position here. The dedicated people who serve on MTPC’s Steering Committee have begun the process of strategically planning the next priority areas for the organization, and later will open up a search for the new Executive Director to lead us into a new era of trans rights advocacy in Massachusetts.

I am excited to see where MTPC will go in this new phase, and honored to have had a small part in the history of this amazing organization. My life has been forever changed, because of MTPC and the community members, leaders, and supporters I’ve met along the way. And I know that wherever I go next, a part of me will always be here with you.

As for me – I am exploring my next career move, although I don’t have solidified plans at the moment. I’m excited to see where life will take me, and open to all the many new possibilities that may come my way.

Thank you for over five amazing years of growth, opportunity, and friendship. And onward to exciting new adventures for trans rights.

In solidarity,

Mason J. Dunn