Meet MTPC’s Summer Intern

A photo from Hen from the waist up, wearing a blue button-down with white hashmarks, purple baseball cap, and large wire-rimmed glasses. They are smiling and standing in front of a large tree with orange leaves.

Hello! My name is Alice-Henry “Hen” Carnell (they/he) and I will be MTPC’s communication and programs intern this summer. During my tenure as an intern, I will be taking over MTPC social media accounts.

Before I launch into work, I want to introduce myself. I am a white trans* individual living in Somerville, MA. I study environmental justice and LGBTQ+ literature at Williams College and will graduate with a B.A. in January 2023. My previous professional experience includes work in education, communications, and publishing. I am committed to wealth redistribution, reparations, and #landback efforts. Personally, I organize with my college’s mutual aid network and am committed to redistributing 10% of my yearly income to black and indigenous individuals and organizations. In my free time, I play ultimate frisbee, rock climb, make zines, and read science fiction.

In my role at MTPC, I will work to promote accessible communications and uplift trans* voices. This week I am launching “Spotlight Sundays” – a weekly social media outreach effort that will highlight trans* community members who are making waves in Massachusetts. If you are a Massachusetts trans* artist, activist, business owner, or anything else awesome, and you’d like to be featured on our accounts, please let me know via email ( or MTPC’s social media. I will also write for our blog, assist with fundraising efforts, and do archival research work. I am so excited to be working with an incredible trans-led organization and learning more about non-profits!

Feel free to email me directly ( with feedback or questions! 

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition works to ensure the wellbeing, safety, and lived equity of all trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive community members in MA. We educate the public, advocate at state, local and systemic levels; and through collective action, we mobilize community, engage in capacity building, and advance community wellness and prosperity.

Posted on June 21, 2022, by Hen Carnell, MTPC’s Summer 2022 Intern