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I Am: Trans People Speak
I AM: Trans People Speak is a project to raise awareness about the diversity that exists within transgender communities. It gives a voice to transgender individuals, as well as their families, friends, and allies.

Gender Vision
GenderVision (no longer in production) seeks to inform and inspire positive social change by presenting quality educational video programming about gender diversity and social justice issues. From the producers of GenderTalk radio (at, GenderVision continues the ground-breaking work of challenging and expanding our vision of gender and progressive politics. Discussions range from the basics of sex and gender to masculinity, femininity, and transgenderism, including GLBT, feminist, women's and men's issues.

Excerpt from Jamaica Plain Spoken
Gunner is an endless search for self truth. His life experience covering every possible identity base.


The Aggressives (2005) Documentary about women of color who present as masculine

Beautiful Boxer (2004) Muaythai boxer who underwent a gender change to become a woman

A Boy Named Sue (2000) Documentary about an FTM individual

Boys Don’t Cry (1999) Docu-drama account of Brandon Teena

Call Me Malcolm (2005) Documentary about a transgender seminary student

Cruel and Unusual (2006) Documentary about MTFs in prison

Georgie Girl (2001) Documentary about a transgender woman who was a New Zealand legislator

Just Call Me Kade (2002) Documentary about a trans male teen

Ma Vie en Rose (1997) Subtitled feature film about a trans child

No Dumb Questions (2001) Documentary about children learning about their trans aunt

Normal (2003) Feature film about a MTF transition and impact on the family in rural America

Paris Is Burning (1990) Documentary about voguing in New York in the late 1980s

Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria (2005) Documentary about a 1966 riot led by trans woman and street queens

Still Black (2008) A documentary of Black Transmen

Soldier’s Girl (2003) Docu-drama about the murdered soldier Barry Winchell whose girlfriend was a transgender woman

Southern Comfort (2001) Documentary about a FTM in rural south

Toilet Training (2004) Documentary about the need for bathroom access for all people

Transamerica (2005) Mainstream feature film about a MTF

TransGeneration (2005) documentary/television series about 4 transitioning college students around the country

Transparent (2006) Documentary about transgender parents

Two Spirits (2009) Documentary about Fred Martinez, a Native American teen and a male-bodied person with a feminine nature, and one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history