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Sites with Surgeon Listings

See extensive surgeon listings at TVOX Surgeons List (Link Checked 7.12). An ongoing project dedicated to the collection of images and information related to transsexual sugeries. Created and maintained by members of the queer/trans community, the site intends to act as a resource to all of those seeking assistance in choosing the surgery and/or surgeon that is right for them, as well as serving in the preservation of images related to our experiences. (Link Checked 7.12).

FTM Top Surgery

Massachusetts Based
Paul Costas, MD
Concord Plastic Surgery, Inc.
John Cuming Building, Suite 700
Concord, MA 01742
978-369-1579 (ask for secretary Pat)
Note: Provider accepts CareCredit

Dr. Melissa Johnson
Pioneer Valley Plastic Surgery
100 Wason Ave. Suite 360
Springfield, MA 01107
Phone: 413.731.7877
No longer at Bay State Medical she now has a private practice and she is now providing a letter for purpose of showing completion of surgery.
Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).

Out of State

Dr. Beverly Fischer
Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery
12205-12207 Tullamore Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093
1410 308 4700
Fax: 1410 308 4704
FTM top surgery, breast augmentation for MTFs, assorted other plastic surgeries. Will bill Medicare.
Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).

Dr. Sherman Leis
19 Montgomery Ave Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-2601
Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).

Dr. Pierre Brassard MD
Montreal GRS Clinic
GRS Surgeon in Montreal, Canada
MTF and FTM (Link Checked 7.12).

Dr. Daniel Medalie
Cleveland Plastic Surgery
MetroHealth Medical Center
2500 MetroHealth Drive
Cleveland, OH 44109
Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).

Dr. Horowitz MD,FACS
7677 Center Ave, Suite 401-Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 902-1111 ext.135
Jed Horowitz is the Vice President of the Plasticos Foundation. He began his plastic surgery career at the University of Virginia where he performed several complex reconstructive surgeries for children. He became member of numerous medical societies and organizations like the American College of Surgeons and American Board of Plastic Surgery. His skills as a plastic surgeon have been also recognized in different publications such as “Guide to Top Doctors” and “Who’s Who in the West”. Aside from being a dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. Horowitz is also a writer and he already published several articles with regards to his field – plastic surgery. Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).


Dr. Marci Bowers, MD
328 Bonaventure Street, Suite #2
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: (719) 846-6300
Marci is herself a transwoman. She is intelligent and a good surgeon, and recently took over the practice of Dr. Stanley Biber, learning from him and bringing a higher level of trans awareness and responsibility to what is surely the leading MTF SRS practice. (Link Checked 7.12).

Dr. Sherman Leis
19 Montgomery Ave Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-2601
Studied under Dr. Bowers Note: Provider accepts CareCredit
(Link Checked 7.12).

Montreal GRS Clinic Dr. Pierre Brassard MD GRS Surgeon in Montreal, Canada MTF and FTM (Link Checked 7.12).

Financial Assistance

Jim Collins Foundation The mission of the Jim Collins Foundation is to provide financial assistance to transgender people for gender-confirming surgeries. The Jim Collins Foundation recognizes that not every transgender person needs or wants surgery to achieve a healthy transition. But for those who do, gender-confirming surgeries are an important step in their transition to being their true selves. However, access to gender-confirming surgery is impossible for most. Discrimination against transgender people is so prevalent that many transgender people struggle to survive, never mind save for surgery costs. Even for those who have health insurance, coverage is systematically denied. Many insurance policies contain a “Transsexual Exclusion Clause” which excludes all medical procedures related to a person’s transgender status. For many transgender people, access to surgery is out of reach. The Jim Collins Foundation raises money to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves. We recognize that for those people who require surgery for a healthy gender transition, lack of access to surgery may result in hopelessness, depression, and sometimes, suicide. The Jim Collins Foundation is a community-based initiative promoting the self-determination and empowerment of all transgender people. (Link Checked 7.12).

CareCredit will finance any surgery as long as the doctor accepts the CareCredit Card. The terms of the CareCredit Card can be found here. (Link Checked 7.12)