Substance Abuse

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Allies In Recovery

The most studied and successful approach to helping a loved one successfully beat substance abuse. Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is a gentle and effective method for helping families guide addicted loved ones into treatment. Dr. Robert Meyers, a research associate and professor in psychology, developed this innovative approach after growing up with an alcoholic father. Watch an HBO short video Getting an Addict into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach

Treatment Programs

The Living and Recovering Community (LARC)

LARC is a structured 20-bed residential stabilization program for men and women with HIV/AIDS and histories of chronic addiction relapse. Located in the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, LARC provides comprehensive alcoholism and addiction support services that include case management and housing search services. All services are provided within a therapeutic behavioral health model that is designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients.

The program provides up to 90 days of residential treatment with program completion based upon goal attainment. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may be looking for placement options. The Living and Recovering Community (LARC) currently has Male, Female and Transgender individuals bed availability.


Support Groups

First Step
A weekly peer support group for mtf trans folks engaged in substance use. We meet every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 - 4:30 PM, in the Bay Village area. For more information, or to become a member please call or email Carol Bolstad @ 617-927-0088 ext 24. or email her @ Victory Programs, Inc, is sponsoring the space.


K-Street Facility Committee, Inc. A Boston-based non-profit, consumer/peer-operated organization. Since our inception in 1991, we continue to be dedicated to providing a safe meeting space, known as “K-Street,” for members and friends of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community (GLBT) who are seeking recovery from addictions, abuse and/or discrimination. (Link Checked 7.12)

The Triangle Program at Arbour-HRI Hospital in Brookline Programs for GLBT Individuals Partial hospitalization program that comprehensively responds to the complex mental health needs of gay and bisexual men and transgendered individuals who are dealing with trauma, addictions, or mental health issues. (Link Checked 7.12)

Victory Programs Some of the Victory programs have had transgender training, call ahead to find which ones are open to transgender clients.(Link Checked 7.12)

Hope House, Boston 617-267-4673

Pride Institute Treatment Centers for LGBT (Link Checked 7.12)

Boston Public Health Commission Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services. (Link Checked 7.12)

National Association of Lesbian and Gay Addiction Professionals (Link Checked 7.12)

Abuse and Mental Health Association's Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (Link Checked 7.12)

A Provider’s Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals (Link Checked 7.12)

Harm Reduction Coalition (Link Checked 7.12)

American Lung Association: Stop Smoking (Link Checked 9.15)

Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers. (Link Checked 7.12)

AA (12 Step) Meetings

K-Street Thursday Night AA meeting for Bisexual and Transgender people: Every Thursday, 6-7pm. (Link Checked 7.12).

AA Central Service Committee Of Eastern Mass(Link Checked 7.12).

Worcester AA Meeting List (Link Checked 7.12).

Western Mass AA Meeting List (Link Checked 7.12).

Provincetown AA (Link Checked 7.12).

Al-Anon Website A;-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics. (Link Checked 7.12).

New England Region of Narcotics Anonymous (Link Checked 7.12).

National Website of Narcotics Anonymous (Link Checked 7.12).

Pills Anonymous World Service (Link Checked 7.12).

Cocaine Anonymous (Link Checked 7.12).

Crystal Meth Anonymous (Link Checked 7.12).