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Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers
By R. Nick Gorton MD, Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services
Jamie Buth MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Tulane University
Dean Spade Esq., Sylvia Rivera Law Project
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

An Overview of U.S. Trans Health Priorities 2004by Jessica Xavier, Donald Hitchcock, Susan Hollinshead, Mara Keisling, Emilia Lombardi, Samuel Lurie, Diego Sanchez, Ben Singer, Moonhawk River Stone and Bobbi Williams.
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

Transitioning Our Shelters: A Guide To Making Homeless Shelters Safe For Transgender Peopleby Lisa Mottet and John M. Ohle, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, National Coalition for the Homeless, 2004.
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

Assessing the Needs of Female-to-Male Transgendered People of Color and their Partners by Willy Wilkinson, MPH and Prado Gomez, May 2004.
(Link Checked 6.28.11) Created and maintained by members of the queer/trans community, the site intends to act as a resource to all of those seeking assistance in choosing the surgery and/or surgeon that is right for them, as well as serving in the preservation of images related to our experiences.
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

Transitioning and Loving Life
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

Triangle Transgender Society
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

True Colors
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

The Twenty Club
PO BOX 387
HARTFORD CT 06141-0387
1860 646 8651
Publishes: XX, published bi-monthly.
The Twenty Club is the Trans peer support group of the Gender Identity Clinic of New England. Friends/relatives welcome. Meetings are at the Project 100 Hartford Community Centre at 1841 Broad St. in Hartford, on the second and fourth Saturdays 2-5 p.m. Meetings are usually open, sometimes there is a prearranged program. Occasional social events. Membership is $20.00/year, which includes a subscription to the newsletter. Persons wishing to attend are welcome as long as they have a personal interest in Trans issues, understand the nature of the group, and will respect the anonymity of those attending.
(Link Checked 6.28.11)

American Medican Association
Website: AMA
Notes: Transgender resources for mainly the medical community but useful and interesting for non-medical folks.
(Link Checked 7.12)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Wedsite: CDC
Notes: Has great resources regarding health issues faced by the transgender community.
(Link Checked 7.12)

Transgender Care
Website: Transgender Care
Note: Has some very graphic surgery photos
(Link Checked 7.12)

National LGBT Cancer Network
Website: LGBT Cancer Network
Note: Has a list of transgender friendly practices and doctors.
(Link Checked 7.12)