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Savor Your Existence

Dillan DiGiovanni Health and Wellness Counselor, Boston MA USA, (617) 510-2534
"As my client, you learn new and easy nutrition tips and lifestyle changes that will improve the way you value and appreciate the body you live in. As your sleep, energy and job performance improve, so will your confidence, motivation and quality of life. Together we will determine the foods and exercise that work best for your body, mind and soul." (Link Checked 7.12)

Nourish Your Soul!

Christabeth Ingold Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Boston area
Christabeth Ingold is passionate about offering her work as a life coach, holistic health coach, and reiki practitioner to the transgender community. She has been involved with the community for about 6 years and knows how valuable this work is. Her holistic, client centered approach supports her clients to be inspired to step into and live an authentic life. What could be possible for you if you actually lived as your true self exactly how you wanted to live? Together, you will explore life possibilities, values, belief systems, perspectives, and feelings (body sensation and emotions). Learn how your health is affected by your food and life choices, as well as experience energy healing to gain clarity, groundedness, and connecting to the self. Create goals and action steps to get the life you wholly want and deserve with her suuport. Feel empowered by your life choices and spark your inner light...our world needs your unique gifts! Christabeth values her clients and thier needs and only wants the best for them, therefore she works on a sliding scale. Please contact her for more information:, 413.204.8802 or