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National Healthcare Disparities Report 2011

by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.(Link Checked 9.13).

American Medical Association Policy Regarding Sexual Orientation (and Gender Identity)

(Link Checked 7.12)

APA Transgender, Gender Identity, and Transgender, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Statement

(Link Checked 9.13)

Health Care Rights and Transgender People

By the National Center for Transgender Equality
(Link Checked 7.12)

Alex Coleman, Esquire

Brookline, MA 617-738-0463


Call or chat with GLAD's Legal InfoLine Monday through Friday, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM EST. All inquiries to GLAD’s Legal InfoLine are completely confidential; GLAD will not disclose any information provided. Call Us: 1-800-455-GLAD (4523) (Link Checked 7.12)

Health Law Advocates

Health Law Advocates, Inc. (HLA) is a public interest law firm affiliated with Health Care For All, the premier health advocacy organisation in Massachusetts. Health Care For All seeks to build a movement of empowered people and communities to create a health care system responsive to the needs Brett Merl of all people.

HLA is dedicated solely to ensuring access to health care for society’s most vulnerable members.

HLA provides free legal representation to eligible consumers who live or work in Massachusetts and seek access to health care. We also fight for health care justice through representation of groups of consumers and communities and through education and outreach.

For legal problems with medical care and health insurance, call Health Law Advocates at 617-338-5241

For general health care questions and referrals, call Health Care for All's Helpline at 800-272-4232 (Link Checked 7.12)

Best Practices Guide to Trans Health Care in (Spain's) National Health Care System

(Link Checked 7.12)