Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

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This information was adapted from: MassResources

A CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) is a person's criminal history. You will have a Massachusetts CORI if you have ever been charged with a crime in a state or federal court in Massachusetts, whether your case ended with a conviction, a finding of not guilty, charges were dismissed, or another outcome.

Not everyone has access to all of your CORI records. The access category of the person or agency requesting the CORI determines which records are included. For example, employers and landlords with Standard Access can only see open cases; unsealed murder, manslaughter, and sex offense convictions; and other convictions that are unsealed and not eligible to be sealed.

To request a copy of your CORI or understand what a CORI can and cannot do see MassResources

Sealing CORI records: See How Do I Seal My Criminal Records for more information

If you seal CORI records, they will not appear on CORI reports given to employers, public housing agencies, and other agencies outside the criminal justice system. (Note: Records that are eligible to be sealed will not appear in Standard Access CORI reports, whether or not those records have actually been sealed.)

Most criminal records can be sealed by mail after a waiting period of at least 5 years for a misdemeanor, or at least 10 years for a felony. Some criminal records can be sealed by a judge with no waiting period. There is no charge to seal your records.

A CORI does not prevent you from changing your name. Anyone can change their name at any time, as long as it is not for the purpose of committing criminal fraud. If a clerk or judge denies your name change, email us at or consult a lawyer at GLAD

This is provided for informational purposes and is not legal advice.