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Dr. Ana Abele
Naturopathic Physician
Northampton, MA
Dr Abele can legally prescribe testosterone, estrogen and progesterone under Vermont law, and she is liscenced in both Massachusetts and Vermont. DR ABELE DOES NOT REQUIRE A HBGDA LETTER.

Dr. Darren Lynch, MD and naturopathic physician, and Michelle Goulette, NP of Northampton Wellness Associates can prescribe testosterone and other hormones. Dr. Lynch and NP Goulette will prescribe it for you after one consultation, NO HBGDA LETTER, NO DIAGNOSIS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Captain Longjack's Jungle Brew for DIY Gender Pirates
Formerly at ; still available via archive at , y'arr.
The skinny on the best herbs and roots to enhance masculinity and how to use them safely.
Many of these are over-the-counter herbs that you can buy at a local natural foods store or local herbalist.