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Tiffany Club of New England

A social and support group for the New England Transgender Community for over 28 years. Open House Meetings held every Tuesday evenings at Tiffany Club's offices in Waltham, MA; House Parties First and Third Saturdays of every month (with after parties where we go OUT to area clubs) at Tiffany Club's House in Waltham, MA; Underwriters and Sponsors of First Event Transgender Conference in January (Link Checked 8/12)

Becoming Women™, formerly Sisters of Manchester,NH

Becoming Women™
A social club for trans people of all varieties. We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. The location is Club 313 on 93 S.Maple Street in Manchester,NH. We start arriving after 8pm and gather in the 3rd room used for Karaoke. You can move between the billiards room, the dance room and the Karaoke room. We generally spend most of our night doing Karaoke. No..........really! It's wicked fun! The dance room is extremely loud but we venture in there too off and on for some dancing. And there are several Drag Shows on Saturday nights starting at around 10:30pm. Come and check us out. It's a great, welcoming venue with loads of fun people and comfortable chairs and couches to plunk yourself down and watch the crowd. We also frequently have supper first at the Panera Bread on March Ave in Manchester around 7pm. If you are shy, just come by and say hi. (Link Checked 6/13)

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