Final Twitter push TODAY about the need for the #MAtransbill

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Ok. Here it is! This is the last push on the Twitter #MAtransbill campaign this month. Let’s put aside our #TransWk and #TDOR exhaustion for one more day and help make sure that the members of the Joint Judiciary Committee know that we want them to pass the Equal Access Bill out of committee to go for a vote in the full Senate and House. Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.10.54 AM

We can tweet them directly and also ask Senators and Representatives who are not on the committee to encourage their colleagues to take the right step. They need to hear from YOU and your friends and family that equality matters and that in order to be fully equal in the eyes of the law, trans and gender non-conforming folks must be protected from discrimination in all public places.

If you find this information after November 22, that’s ok! The push for the equal rights is ongoing, and it’s never a bad time to let our legislators know that we’re counting on them to protect their people of Massachusetts. You can take to Twitter anytime and let them know that this issue is important to you. Be sure to use the #MAtransbill hashtag so that people can find and retweet you.

Below are tweets for you to copy and paste into Twitter. Be sure to ask current bill supporters to CONTINUE to fight for the bill.

Everyone should tweet these two messages:

Please keep fighting for #MATransBill to protect your constituents! @WBrownsberger @patjehlen @SenJohnFKeenan @RepHenriquez

Care abt ALL your constituents? Support the #MATransBill! @SenKClark @BruceJAyers @jeffroy @danwinslow @RepHarrington

Here are additional messages you can send. You can use whichever message(s) you prefer and then swap in the Committee members’ handles from the list below:

.@SenKClark Right to vote is 1 of most important freedoms. Support equal access to voting booths. #MAtransbill

.@RepColleenGarry Why’s it legal to be kicked off public transit if they don’t like “people like you”? #MAtransbill

.@BruceJAyers Everyone should be free to use public streets without harassment or discrimination. #MAtransbill

.@ElectClaire All ppl should have equal access to hospital care, govt buildings & voting booths. #MAtransbill

.@jeffroy All ppl should have equal access to doctor offices, law offices & hospitals. #MAtransbill

.@danwinslow All ppl should have equal access to nursing homes, restaurants & hotels. #MAtransbill

.@RepHarrington All ppl should have equal access to hospitals, libraries & public transit. #MAtransbill

Twitter handles for members of the Joint Judiciary Committee:

Representative Bruce Ayers: @BruceJAyers
Senator Will Brownsberger: @WBrownsberger (already a supporter!)
Senator Katherine M. Clark: @SenKClark
Representative Claire Cronin: @ElectClaire
Representative Colleen Garry: @RepColleenGarry
Representative Sheila Harrington: @RepHarrington
Representative Carlos Henriquez: @RepHenriquez (already a supporter!)
Senator Patricia Jehlen: @patjehlen (already a supporter!)
Senator John Keenan: @SenJohnFKeenan (already a supporter!)
Representative Jeffrey Roy: @jeffroy
Representative Dan Winslow: @danwinslow

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also contact the Committee members offline (especially ones who don’t have Twitter accounts):

Katherine Clark, Senate Chair; Gale D. Candaras, Senate Vice Chair (no Twitter); William N. Brownsberger (already a supporter!); Patricia D. Jehlen (already a supporter!); John F. Keenan (already a supporter!); Richard J. Ross (no Twitter). In the House: Eugene L. O’Flaherty (no Twitter), House Chair; Christopher M. Markey (no Twitter), House Vice Chair; Bruce J. AyersClaire D. CroninSean Curran (no Twitter); Colleen M. Garry; Sheila C. HarringtonCarlos Henriquez (already a supporter!); Kevin J. Murphy (no Twitter); Jeffrey N. RoyDaniel B. Winslow.

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