Exciting Updates to Massachusetts ID’s

Posted by: | Posted on: February 8, 2018

The Mass Trans Political Coalition has been working closely with the Massachusetts RMV, and the LGBTQ Youth Commission to ease the unnecessary burdens associated with changing a name and gender marker here in the Commonwealth. To that end, we have successfully updated the process for gender marker changes. The forms required to change a gender marker on Massachusetts ID’s/driver’s licenses no longer require a medical/therapeutic signatory. Now, applicants are asked to sign a “self attestation,” to affirm their gender marker change is consistent with their gender identity.

This is an exciting update, with Massachusetts joining only Oregon, and the District of Columbia as locations allowing self attestation for gender marker changes.

MTPC is also working with the RMV to achieve a gender neutral markers for Massachusetts ID’s as well. Gender neutral markers are important to affirm the identities of nonbinary and intersex people in the Commonwealth. We are hoping to see these changes soon. Stay tuned!

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