updated 02-14-2014

Host a Fundraising House Party

Become a leader among MTPC’s community of supporters by hosting a fundraising House Party.

Get your friends together for a night of board games, wine tasting, a gourmet cook off, or just a night of socializing. Have fun while raising money!

Overview of a House Party

  • People receive an invitation to come to a party at a private home
  • The invitation makes it clear that the evening will be a fundraising event
  • Participants arrive and have some refreshments
  • Participants sit through a brief presentation about the organization
  • The host or a peer (someone articulate, enthusiastic, and respected by participants) stands up and asks everyone to make a contribution

MTPC provides:

  • Invitations (electronic and/or paper invites)
  • A Steering Committee member or the Executive Director to give the brief presentation at your house party
  • Materials about MTPC including give aways such as buttons or stickers
  • Donation forms, envelopes, and pens

You provide:

  • Your home or other location to host the event
  • Guest list
  • Refreshments

House Party Host benefits include:

  • Recognition in MTPC’s Annual Report (if desired)
  • Complimentary ticket to one of MTPC’s annual events 

All donations are tax-deductible.