Chaos Ahead

This is the United States of America. It is not nor has it ever been the United People of America. Yes, Trump should be impeached and IMMEDIATELY removed! His removal, however, will not change his supporters’ hearts or minds. White supremacy runs amuck and is abundant as shown by the hypocrisy of how the police dealt with the violent mob that stormed and raided the Capitol, and who were incited by Trump and encouraged by many in powerful leadership positions. Those people should also be removed from office.

The police were prepared for Black Lives Matter protests in the summer, yet “unprepared” for this mob when it was blatantly obvious that they were trying to organize a coup. From many news sources, it appears that they were informed of the possible chaos ahead but seemed unbothered by it. If this were a group of BIPOC people, LGBTQ people, or immigrants, I’m certain we would be hearing a much different story.

A reminder of what the Capitol police looked like during the Black Lives Matter protest on June 2, 2020

Trump’s attempts to disempower and disenfranchise immigrants, BIPOC, LGBTQ, and disabled people comes as no surprise. The next 13 days, well let’s be real; the next 358 days are going to be some of the longest, most chaotic days ahead. While Jan 20th is not that far away, it is not the light at the end of the tunnel. The Biden-Harris Administration is not suddenly going to make this country un-racist, un-anti-Black, un-anti-Indigenous, un-xenophobic, un-anti-immigrant, un-anti-LGBT, or un-anti-trans. It’s just going to be the beginning of a racist, abusive, misogynistic, xenophobic criminal no longer being in office. And that day cannot come soon enough.

Hold on to community and hold on to each other, because we need us now more than ever.

-Tre’Andre Valentine (Jan. 7, 2021)