Steering Committee

The Steering committee manages and supervises the Director and MTPC’s overall work, as well as serving on and as chairs for MTPC’s working committees. For a complete description of the Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities, please refer to MTPC’s Bylaws.

Current Steering Committee:

Kaden Mohamed (co-chair)
Michelle Tat (co-chair)

Alexandra Chandler
Jodi Cloney
Casey Pons
Hema Sarang-Sieminski
Grace Sterling-Stowell (treasurer)
Nae Vallejo
Lee West

Past Steering Committees:

Maxwell Ng Maxwell Ng [chair],
Maxwell Ng is a graduate of Boston University and has lived in the area for almost 20 years. Besides his work with MTPC, he also serves on the Steering Committee for QAPA (Queer Asian Pacific-Islander Alliance), and is a founding player and coach of the TrailStormers, the Boston based softball team for trans* and gender variant people. He is passionate about visibility for Queer Asians, and strives to bring the complex issues that impact our enriched and intersecting communities to the forefront. In his professional life he works as an architect and he is a resident of Boston.
Bobbi2015 Bobbi Taylor [vice chair],
I’ve been involved with LGBT community activism since eighth grade, when I placed a notice in our school paper for a gay student group. It was three years after the Stonewall riots and the first published reference in our school acknowledging the existence of gay students. Since then I’ve participated in a variety of LGBT-related causes and community development efforts. For example, in Seattle I volunteered with the Northwest AIDS Foundation doing safer sex education, including co-designing and leading an intimacy workshop for gay and bisexual men. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where I received my Master’s degree in social work, I restarted the School of Social Work’s LGBT student committee.
My desire to join the MTPC Steering Committee comes from a deep-seated passion for self determination and freedom of expression. I believe that every individual from an early age onward should have the right and freedom to openly explore and express their gender. Only in so doing can we truly know ourselves and each other and live in a healthy community that is rich in diversity and authenticity. It is to that end that I serve MTPC and the trans community.
Grace Sterling Stowell Grace Sterling Stowell [treasurer],
As someone who has been involved with MTPC since the end of its first year in 2002, and with transgender activism since the early 1980’s, I truly believe in MTPC’s mission, values and accomplishments in advocating on behalf of our community. In addition, as Executive Director of BAGLY (MTPC’s fiscal sponsor), I believe that one of the best ways that I can support MTPC at this time is by serving as Treasurer on the MTPC Steering Committee, mentor to the MTPC Director, and liaison to BAGLY’s Board of Directors. It has been my great pleasure to have been able to serve on the MTPC Steering committee over the past few years, and I look forward to working together with all of you as we move forward.
Michelle Tat Michelle Tat [clerk],
Michelle graduated with a Ph.D. in Speech & Hearing Science from Arizona State University, and moved to Boston in the Fall of 2013. She is currently a research psychologist at a local area hospital. Michelle has a huge passion in science and education. She hopes to use the skills as a researcher and scientist to become an educator to the greater transgender community in the state of Massachusetts, and to also apply these skills to trans-related causes. She hopes to bridge connections with local universities and to help them provide resources for other transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in the greater Boston academic community.
Jodi Cloney Jodi Cloney,
I am the mother of two wonderful children. I became involved in transgender advocacy when my four year old child socially transitioned. Like most parents of gender nonconforming children I was completely unprepared. I only knew that I loved my child and I would do whatever I could to support her. Since then I have been on panels at the GEMS Clinic at Children’s Hospital. I have also assisted with trainings run by the Safe Schools program through the Department of Education. I am passionate about working to get people to not only accept my daughter and other transgender children but to help them understand.
Marcia Garber,
Chastity Bowick Chastity Bowick,

I work as an Outreach Educator at AIDS Project Worcester and facilitate a weekly Transgender support group called Trans4mations. I relocated to Worcester in 2014 after living in the Boston area for about 10 years. My passion is working with trans individuals to help them overcome barriers against them, as I too had to overcome barriers to get to where I am today.

Kaden Mohamed Kaden Mohamed,
Originally from NYC, Kaden moved to the Boston area in 2010 to attend Wellesley College. There he studied Women’s and Gender Studies and Education Studies. During his time at Wellesley, Kaden was able to begin exploring and understanding his interests in social justice and anti-oppressive work which in turn helped him understand and be comfortable with his own gender identity as a part of the trans community. Prior to graduating, most of his advocacy and activism was expressed through participation in educational panels, various media outlets as an interviewee, and participation in different community movements for social change and equity. He now works at Keshet, an organization working for the full equality and inclusion of LGBT Jews in Jewish life, where he gets to expand his participation in striving for a more inclusive society for all LGBTQ identified people.