Committees are one of the primary ways we (MTPC Steering Committee, members, and volunteers) do our activism. Each committee addresses a specific topic or area. Committee membership is open to all, except Steering, which requires prior involvement with MTPC.

Please email us at if you are interested in participating on a committee.


Develops transgender-inclusive policies and best practices for state agencies and other organizations.

Community Engagement

Helps create space and events for trans and trans-adjacent people interested in getting involved. Coordinates community volunteers to represent MTPC at events, Pride festivals, and meetings.

Training and Education

Educates agencies, organizations, businesses and others about transgender people. Creates training materials, teaches MTPC members to become trainers, and selects trainers to fulfill requests.

Fundraising and Events

Helps develop the funding needed for MTPC’s operations. Ranges from throwing house parties to organizing public events (like Professionals for Transgender Rights) to recruiting donors.

Interfaith Committee for Trans Equality

Educates faith communities on inclusion and celebration of transgender youth, adults, and families in all congregations. Connects trans people in Massachusetts with supportive faith community, empowers them to further the welcoming and inclusion process, and organizes the MA faith community in support of trans equality.


Oversees the activities and long-term vision of MTPC.   Lead or assist at fundraisers and act as MTPC ambassadors at public events.    New members are nominated by current members or staff from among those already involved with the work of MTPC, so that their guidance is informed by familiarity with MTPC and demonstrated commitment to trans community.   Appointments are made by the existing Steering Committee.