A Note from MTPC’s New Interim Director, Jesse Begenyi

Posted by: | Posted on: March 7, 2013

Dear MTPC supporters and community members,

Many of you are aware that Gunner Scott has left MTPC and is en route to his next adventure, as the Director of Programs for Pride Foundation in Seattle. Here at MTPC, we will miss him greatly. We are also more motivated than ever to continue to educate the public; advocate with state, local, and federal government; engage in political activism; and encourage empowerment of community members through collective action in order to make our vision of equality a reality.

As the recent community organizer and a former MTPC steering committee member, I am honored that I was asked to step in as interim director. For the next six months, I have the privilege of working with you as we engage in an intentional, community-driven process for finding the next MTPC director.

During this time, MTPC will also be launching a Community Advocate Program to provide ongoing training and support for community members across the state who wish to take on leadership roles. We will also be partnering with GLAD and Life Skills at Fenway Health to hold an event for transgender folks to reflect on the experience of being discriminated against while accessing public places. The event will focus on ways to take care of ourselves when experiencing this kind of discrimination as well as empowering ways to share our stories while helping to advocate for the Equal Access Bill to add transgender protections in these public places (public accommodations) to existing laws. We will also be participating in Northampton Pride, Boston Pride, and Youth Pride and will have another push to gather new I AM: Trans People Speak video stories.

In addition to our new events and initiatives, we will continue to lead the legislative effort on An Act Relative to Equal Access in Hospitals, Public Transportation, Nursing Homes, Supermarkets, Retail Establishments, and all other places open to the public. MTPC will also be supporting An Act Regulating Use of Credit Reports by Employers, An Act to provide housing and support services to unaccompanied homeless youth, and An Act Relative to Abusive Practices to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity in Minors.

Our committees are responsible for so much of the hard work MTPC accomplishes and are a great way for community members to join our ongoing efforts. Our Policy Committee develops transgender-inclusive policies and best practices for state agencies and other organizations. Kaleidoscope develops programming, provides leadership opportunities, and holds a bi-monthly gender discussion group for people of color of all genders and sexualities. Our Interfaith Committee (ICTE) educates faith communities on inclusion and celebration of trans youth, adults, and families in all congregations. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining us in this important work.

Thank you in advance to our hardworking staff in the MTPC office, to the dedicated members of the steering committee, and to each and every one of the incredible transgender individuals and allies who make up the MTPC family. I know that I will have a successful experience as interim director because of all of you amazing folks. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Jesse Begenyi

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
P.O. Box 960784, Boston, MA 02196
Office: 617-778-0519 x5

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