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MTPC’s NEWEST Quarterly community night and dance party
By community, for community, to support community
The Mass Trans Political Coalition is proud to present our NEWEST quarterly dance party, community night, and fundraiser called CAT MAGIC!What is CAT MAGIC? It’s an over-the-top cat camp extravaganza celebrating these magical fur bundles, and more specifically, the people that love them: YOU.But, really? A CAT themed dance and community night? Why?Yes, REALLY! For the cat lovers out there, we hope this is a magical dream come true that sends you soaring in the sky among luxurious billowy clouds. And for the rest of y’all, don’t worry, we realize cats aren’t everyones jam. We welcome all identities whether or not they love these cuddly creatures as much as we do.But wait, that’s not all. CAT MAGIC is NOT JUST a cat-obsessed party, it’s so much more!So what’s the main focus of CAT MAGIC? Community. CAT MAGIC was born out of the desire to create something a little different that may reach a broader spectrum of the LGBTQ community than a more traditional dance night. Our intentions are to create a night that may have a little something for everyone, while expanding upon the idea of what a community night can look like.

Not much of a dancer?
No problem, hang back and watch our shows!

Wanna learn about LGBTQ organizations while taking a dance break?
Fabulous. Browse our materials.

More of an early bird?
Get here early for our art exhibitions and low key jams!

Through supporting our LGBTQ community artists, we hope to bring together a feast for the senses through various types of media such as video projection, printmaking, photography, musical performances, fashion elements, community resource distribution, dancing, drag performances, arts & crafts and more!

The sky’s the limit and these are just a few of our ideas.

CAT MAGIC aims to be an inclusive space for all LGBTQ people; allowing party goers the opportunity to express their unique identities and feel fabulous while doing so. We recognize we’re not purrfect, and that being an inclusive space is an ongoing process; so we welcome any feedback you may have. No suggestion is too small! We look forward to hearing from you via surveys, Facebook posts, emails and of course, in person, at CAT MAGIC.

By community, for community, to support community.

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