HB7122 Testimony Video

Video from public testimony before the Massachusetts State Joint Committee on the Judiciary.  The committee is considering HB 1722, “An Act Relative to Gender-Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes“, which would add “gender identity or expression” to the existing list of discrimination prohibitions in employment, housing, education and credit, as well as to applicable hate crimes statutes.

The full testimony of Dr. Norman Spack, on his experience in treating transgender young persons for the past 20 years, and their suffering at the hands of a misunderstanding public.

The full testimony of Nancy Nangeroni, on the relationship between employment rights and victimization, and the case of murdered transsexual Chanelle Pickett.

A compilation of excerpts (28:29 out of a 10-hour session) which includes, in order of appearance:

  • Andrea Cabral, Suffolk County Sheriff
  • Rep. Carl Sciortino, lead legislative co-sponsor
  • Rep. Byron Rushing, lead legislative co-sponsor
  • GLAD attorney Jennifer Levi Esq.
  • Alishia Ouelette, Trans Firefighter
  • Ethan St. Pierre, Trans FTM activist
  • Tom Barbera, MA AFL-CIO VP
  • Katherine Triantafillou Esq., former Cambridge City Councillor
  • Gavi Wolfe, ACLU Legislative Specialist
  • Don Gorton, chair, Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
  • Kenneth Garber, firefighter, parent of trans child
  • Dr. Norman Spack (Children’s Hospital)
  • Georgia Green, LICSW