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MTPC Trainings

MTPC can provide professional trainings on a variety of transgender related topics. Training fees start at $150 per hour depending on the type of training and number of trainers. All training fees support MTPC's ongoing efforts.

Contact for information on the following trainings:

  • Transgender 101
    An hour-long basic overview of transgender terms and community

  • Working with Transgender Communities: Cultural Competency (2 - 3 hours)

    Transgender people may face obstacles and barriers because of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge when trying to access services and resources. This workshop will provide cultural information about transgender communities.

    Topics to be covered:

    • Culture of transgender communities
    • Difference between sexual orientation and gender identity
    • Impact of institutional and interpersonal transphobia
    • Actual or perceived barriers for transgender people accessing services
    • Approaches to creating a welcoming agency for transgender communities
  • Creating a Transgender-Welcoming College Environment

    1/2 day or full day training covering:

    • Difference between sexual orientation and gender identity
    • Creating policies, practices, and procedures to support transgender and gender questioning students
    • Approaches to creating a welcoming agency for transgender communities
  • Attracting Transgender Employees and Customers

    1 ½ hour - 3 hours

    Most companies of any size will encounter a transgender person at some point, either through current or new customers, and/or new, or existing employees. Providing culturally competent policies, services, and practices will increase your customer base and customer loyalty as well as a build a more confident customer service team. This workshop breaks down barriers between transgender and non-transgender people by encouraging participants to reflect on how gender roles in society affect their own experiences in the workplace.  This training encompasses collaborative learning by using case studies and role-play methods, providing cultural information, skills building, and problem solving techniques for working with transgender customers.

    Agenda and Objectives:

    • Understanding the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity
    • Overview of transgender communities with a focus on transgender men, terms, definitions, labels, and insider language
    • Phone etiquette communication, conflict resolution, and responding to customers through customer service skills building exercises
    • Creating inclusive policies, procedures, and practices
    • Integrating information on transgender customers into your everyday work

    Participants who complete the training will be able to:

    • Have basic understanding of transgender issues, language, and community
    • Assess the customer service experience and workplace environment from the perspective of transgender employees, clients, and customers
    • Generate a personal or organizational action plan

All of our trainings include:

  • Specific tailoring to your groups needs
  • Relevant handouts and resource information
  • Goal Planning
  • Follow-up technical assistance

We have presented locally and nationally; some of our past trainings include:

Transgender Competency for Therapists in Training, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA
Providing cultural competent care to transgender youth, Waltham House/Home for Little Wanderers, Waltham, MA
Beyond Binary: Incorporating transgender student's needs on a college campus, Wellesley College Resident Advisers, Wellesley, MA
Transgender Issues and Violence, Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA
Transgender Rights and the Law, Duke University Law School, Durham, NC
Transgender Challenges in Society, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA