The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is proud to announce that their video “Transgender Rights: Still Fighting” has been selected as one of five winners of the WGBH Lab Open Call: Stonewall Uprising contest. The short video will air on Monday, April 25th on the PBS program AMERICAN EXPERIENCE with television debut of the film “Stonewall Uprising” based on David Carter’s critically acclaimed book Stonewall: The Riot’s.

The WGBH Lab, an innovation of WGBH’s Boston Media Productions, held a contest to invite “citizen reporters, journalists, video-bloggers, documentary story tellers, animators or new media-makers” to show where Stonewall’s legacy of courage is today, in a three minute video.

MTPC’s resident filmmaker, Jesse Begenyi, created a video that utilized participants stories from the I AM: Trans People Speak project interspersed with an original interview with Miss Major, a Stonewall Veteran, and facts about discrimination that the transgender community faces on a daily basis. Begenyi, who also filmed all of the I AM: Trans People Speak videos, makes clear that the experiences of those in the video are not unusual experiences—without legal protections, transgender people are at risk of discrimination in almost all areas of their life, including at work and school.

After submission, all submitted videos were up on the WGBH Lab website and the public was encourage to cast their vote. A panel of guest judges including Cyndi Lauper, Dan Savage, Eric Marcus, Mark Samels, and Michael Rosenblum then judged the selection. From that fifteen videos entered, the judges chose five videos to receive a $1000 prize and to be considered for airing alongside the television debut of Stonewall Uprising on AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

Guest judge Eric Marcus commented on MTPC’s piece as “Compelling interviews. Well shot. Heartfelt.”

One commenter on the WGBH website wrote in response to MTPC’s video: “The film puts a face on the transgender community and really makes me wonder how anyone could be denied basic rights. Please keep up the fight till you have won,” while another expressed gratitude, writing, “Thank you all who are encouraging awareness and making our society a safer place.”

Gunner Scott, Executive Director of The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, said, “We are extremely proud to be one of only five videos selected as the winners of the WGBH Lab’s Stonewall Uprising contest. We hope that the exposure from this contest will help people realize how necessary the Transgender Equal Rights legislation is for transgender youth, adults, and their families.”

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition appreciates the community members and allies who took the time to view and vote for the video. We are thrilled by our win and are hopeful that “Transgender Rights: Still Fighting” will be given the opportunity to be seen be an even larger audience by airing on AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

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