MTPC Celebrates Black History Month

Posted by: | Posted on: February 10, 2014

by Aaron, MTPC intern

History Month2

For Black History Month, MTPC is taking the opportunity to not only call attention to, but recommit to fighting, the particular injustices that black transgender people face regularly across Massachusetts and the country.

Black respondents to the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey reported higher rates of discrimination in education, employment, and housing. Respondents also reported exceedingly high levels of poverty, rates of HIV infection, and police harassment and discomfort compared to white respondents. These results reflect the lived reality for many black trans people and highlight the importance of an intersectional and racially conscious approach in transgender advocacy.

While this month prompts additional reflection on the issues of anti-transgender bias and racism, it also encourages us to reflect on recent triumphs. MTPC celebrates such voices as Laverne Cox, Kortney Ryan Ziegler, Janet Mock, Kye Allums, and CeCe McDonald. We honor the legacy of Dewey’s Lunch Counter Sit In, Lucy Hicks Anderson, and Marsha P. Johnson. During Black History Month, as we do each month, MTPC pledges to fight against all forms of oppression and work toward a safer, more just, and inclusive community.

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