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Massachusetts Transgender Resource Open Listing

This Wiki resource space is hosted as a public service to the transgender community by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), for the posting of resources, including people’s personal opinions.
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Know Your Rights

Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students: Your Rights at School by the National Center for Transgender Equality, July 2012

Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination and Transgender People by the National Center for Transgender Equality, July 2012

Know Your Rights - Laws, Court Decisions, and Advocacy Tips to Protect Transgender Prisoners ACLU & National Center for Lesbian Rights, December 2014

Health Resources

Advocacy/Legal -- More listings in Legal section further down this page



Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Electrolysis/Laser Hair Removal


Family Medical


Fitness and Gyms

Obstetrics & Gynecology

HIV Prevention and Services

Holistic/Alternative Medicine/Chiropractic



Needle Disposal

Nutrition and Wellness

Post-Operative Care

Primary Care Doctors

Primary Care Pediatricians

Reproductive Options

Substance Abuse



Veterans Health Care

Wills & Directives

General Help

Transgender 101

How To Guide
Changing your name, handling discrimination, choosing a therapist, etc.


Transphobic/Discriminating People/Places/Things


Applying for Public Assistance Programs


Participating In Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People


State Attorney/District Attorney/Police

Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)


CD Specific

Coming out in the Workplace


Education including student athletics

Fat Justice

FTM Specific

Gender Queer Specific

Homeless Shelters


Intersex Specific

MTF Specific

Parents, Partners, Friends of TG


Online Resources

Support Groups

TG Elders Specific

TG Prisoner Resources

Youth Specific

Arts / Social

Social Groups, Performance Spaces, Poetry, Theater, & Music

Publications and zines


Legal / Employment

Employers with Transgender Friendly Policies
See MTPC's jobs board for employment opportunities
See TG Job Bank for job listings


Transgender Rights Project, a publication of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
Information Line: 1-800-455-4523
(Link Checked 8.12)

Small Business Basics: How Small Businesses Can Create Fair Workplaces for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees From HRC, a toolkit to help small businesses provide equal benefits, employment protections and an inclusive work environment for all their employees.
(Link Checked 8.12)

MA State

Your legal standing in Massachusetts Knowing the full extent of the law can mean the difference between security and undue risk. It may also provide you with the legal recourse you need when you have been discriminated against or have suffered harassment or violence. MTPC. (Link Checked 8/12)

More: Massachusetts Law About Gender Identity or Expression From the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Library. (Link Checked 8/12)

Filing a Wage Complaint (Link Checked 8/12)

Mass State Law on Name Changes (Link Checked 8/12)

Change of Name Chapter from the Family Law Advocacy for Low and Moderate Income Litigants, 2nd Edition 2008. (Link Checked 8/12)
Massachusetts State Law

Federal Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students: Your Rights at School] by the National Center for Transgender Equality, June 2012 (Link Checked 8/12)

Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination and Transgender People by the National Center for Transgender Equality, May 2012 (Link Checked 8/12)

Guidance Regarding the Employment of Transgender Individuals in the Federal Workplace (Link Checked 8/12)

How to Reconstruct a Personnel Folder due to a Change in Gender Identity (pdf) (Link Checked 8/12)

Activist Organizations

Transgender Specific National/Statewide Activist Organizations

GLBT Organizations (Massachusetts)

GLBT & Allied National Advocacy/Activist Organizations

GLBT Statewide Advocacy Organizations

International GLBT Organizations

Advocacy Supporting Materials

Please visit MTPC's Legislative Resources page for a listing of MTPC's legislative advocacy resources. (Link Checked 8/12)

Student Advocacy

Health Care Advocacy

Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination and Transgender People by the National Center for Transgender Equality, July 2012

Anti-Transgender Hate Crimes: The Challenge for Law Enforcement The Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts conducted a study of hate-motivated assaults and batteries against transgender victims. The objective was to generate information that could better equip police to fight this scourge, which is scarcely evident in official hate crimes statistics. The study included both a survey of transgender victims about their attacks, conducted in cooperation with the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, and a review of the research literature on the subject. The study shows that the prevalence of these hate crimes is seriously under reported.(Link Checked 8/12)

INJUSTICE AT EVERY TURN: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (Link Checked 8/12)

NCTE's Resource Listing - the National Center for Transgender Equality's publications in support of pro-trans advocacy.(Link Checked 8/12)

Transgender Equality: A Handbook for Activists and Policymakers (2000) This handbook provides activists and policy-makers with the tools they need to pass Transgender-inclusive non-discrimination and anti-violence legislation. An invaluable resource guide, providing an introduction to Transgender issues, model language for legislation, talking points, responses to frequently asked questions, and a comprehensive resource listing and bibliography. A publication of NGLTF. (Link Checked 8/12)

Transsexual and Transgender Policies in Sport The Gay Games has developed a gender identity policy about “men, women, transgender and intersex” athletes. In 2004, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduced the Stockholm Consensus on sex reassignment surgery to allow “transsexual” athletes to compete at the Olympics. (Link Checked 8/12)

Stonewalled Police Abuse and Misconduct Against Lesbian, Gay and Transgender People in the U.S. By Amnesty International (Link Checked 8/12)

Intelligence Report 'Disposable People' Rage against transgender escalates to violence (Link Checked 8/12)

Roberts Rules of Order - Essential reading for how to run or participate in a productive meeting. Also helpful in understanding how government meetings are run. (Link Checked 8/12)


MTPC Trainings Professional training in a variety of Transgender-related subject areas, provided by MTPC. (Link Checked 8/12)

Trans Media





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