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How to start figuring things out (Link Checked 8.12)

How to respond to Discrimination (Link Checked 8.12)

How to choose a therapist (Link Checked 8.12)

Guidelines in Seeking a Gender Therapist

How to change your Driver's License (Link Checked 8.12)

  • Note: Watertown RMV branch have been not following the RMV policy in regards to legal name changes. Clerks and supervisors have been known to deny making name changes on Driver's Licenses even with a court ordered name change documents, the Watertown RMV's reason given for not making the change "you can't a have a female name and a male marker or male name and female marker". If you have legal name change and social security card with that new legal name on it, the RMV must honor the request for a name change on your driver's license or state ID. It is suggested that people do not go to the WATERTOWN RMV branch, but to any other branch.

[How to change your Gender Marker] (Link Checked 8.12) [How to change your passport] Provided by NCTE. (Link Checked 8.12)

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