updated 12-10-2012

Lobby Day 2011


MA State House

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Thank you all for your patience.

Tell your story and ask your legislators to support An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights.

Please RSVP to Rachel@masstpc.org or call 617-778-0519. Include your Name, Full Mailing Address and/or name of legislators so we can check you in faster on the day of.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Lobby Day?

Please make an appointment with your legislators for that day, it can be anytime during that day. To find out who your legislators are visit http://www.malegislature.gov


What Will Happen at Action Day?

We’ll gather at the Grand Staircase at 1 pm for a short program where we will hear from legislative supporters, policy makers, and community members.

Also at this location you will check-in and pick up lobby day packets (and “how to lobby” tips as needed) about the bill to bring to your State Reps and Senator’s offices.

What to Expect in Your Visit:

  • You will usually be greeted by a staff member.
  • Introduce yourself (more on this below).
  • They’ll let you know if the legislator is available to speak with constituents. If not, they’ll either speak with you, or hand you off to someone else. Either way, these staffers have their boss’s ear, and they play an important role in filtering information for their busy bosses. So speak with them as if they were your legislator.

Your Introduction Should Include:

  • Your name and where you live
  • The name of the bill you are in support of: “An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights”
  • Include the ask: “I’m here to find out if (the legislator) will co-sponsor ‘An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights.’

Remember to Thank

Thank the legislator or staffer for their attention to this matter, and, if they haven’t yet committed themselves on the issue, ask for a follow-up response to the question.

Report Back

Drop off your completed legislator meeting sheet at the same place you picked up your briefing sheets.

Can’t Make it to the State House?

Call your State Reps and State Senator that day and ask them to co-sponsor.

Calling Help

and Remember: POLITE ALWAYS

This is a marathon, not a sprint; it takes time to cultivate allies. Even if they say “no” now, they may yet come around.