updated 02-14-2014

Identity Documents

How to change your GENDER MARKER in Massachusetts

How to obtain a LEGAL NAME CHANGE in Massachusetts

Gender No-Match Letters

Transgender workers face adverse effects if employers receive “gender no match” letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

A gender no match letter invades the privacy of transgender individuals by disclosing their personal medical information to their employers. With only 17 states and 99 jurisdictions having employment non-discrimination protections for transgender workers, trans workers can be fired from their jobs for being transgender. Unfortunately, some transgender people have been fired, dealt with harassment from coworkers, or have been discriminated against because their employer received a gender no match letter from the SSA. No one should lose a job because the government disclosed personal medical information that is not pertinent to the job or job performance.

MTPC recommends that the Social Security Administration stop sending gender no match letters to employers. The current policy wastes taxpayers’ money and may be compromising compliance with federal medical privacy laws and constitutional guarantees of privacy.

Please download our talking points on gender no match letters.