2015 Day of Visibility

Last Sunday the annual Trans 100 was announced. This list celebrates excellence within the trans community by highlighting exceptional work done by and for trans people, promoting those who may not otherwise receive recognition, and increasing positive visibility for the trans community as a whole.

DOV 2015 2 (smaller logo)This year, four Massachusetts advocates were named to the list: Grace Sterling Stowell of BAGLY, Sari Reisner from Fenway Health, Ben Power Alwin founder of the Sexual Minorities Education Foundation, and MTPC’s very own chair, Maxwell Ng. We want to congratulate each of these amazing advocates on this high honor. The hard work each of you has done for the trans community of Massachusetts, and beyond, is deeply appreciated by those of us here at MTPC.

Additionally, March 31st marks the International Day of Transgender Visibility. This day aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe by spreading knowledge about and for the trans community. This day is not about mourning: rather, this is a day to empower our community and celebrate our accomplishments.

Visibility is a vital key in advocacy and social change. It reminds the world around us that transgender people are each integral members of our communities. Visibility for the trans community gives us the opportunity to have conversations about discrimination, bias, and violence that our community faces. But, as the Trans 100 highlights, visibility must also be about the achievements, beauty, and strengths within our community. We must raise each other up, and celebrate all we have to offer.

So, for this day of visibility, I hope each of you has the opportunity to celebrate.

Massachusetts Trans 100 Honorees 2013-2015

Ben Power Alwin
Dr. Van Bailey
Logan Ferraro
Mitch Kellaway
Louis Mitchell
Nancy Nangeroni
Maxwell Ng
Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge
Sari Risner
Grace Sterling Stowell
Vivian Taylor
Nick Teich