Trans Youth Summit


Sunday, October 15 2017

MIT Tang Center
70 Memorial Dr, 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Since 2008 BAGLY and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition have worked together to provide an opportunity for transgender youth to meet and connect with transgender and other gender variant youth and the larger transgender community. At the summit, we share ideas, learn about legal rights and health information, and participate in workshops and fun activities including: gender identity groups, art workshops, trans healthcare workshops, and more!

A young person will be awarded the Livingston Pangburn Award for Youth Activism for their accomplishments as a leader within the LGBTQ youth community. There will also be an adult keynote speaker of trans experience who will share their coming out story. They will impart some words of wisdom for trans youth to help as they navigate a world that may often invalidate their identities.

The Transgender Youth Summit is a FREE event but registration is required.

In order to attend the summit you must be between the ages of 13-24 years old, from Massachusetts/New England and identify with, or fall under, the label of ‘transgender’. Limited space is available for youth who do not identify as transgender/gender variant but are strongly connected to the trans youth community, such as a partner/friend/family member of a trans person. For more information regarding the youth track of the summit contact the youth track coordinator at


The summit also offers a parent track for parents/guardians/caregivers of transgender youth in order to provide support, information, and networking opportunities, coordinated by MTPC and PFLAG (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays). This year there will also be a track for gender creative youth from ages 7-11. For more information regarding the parent and gender creative youth tracks, contact parent track coordinator Pi at


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As with all BAGLY youth events, the Transgender Youth Summit is free of drugs, alcohol, violence, weapons, pressure, sex, and harassment.