updated 10-01-2014

Community and Events

Trans Rights MEOW!

MTPC’s NEWEST Quarterly community night and dance party
By community, for community, to support community

Trans Youth Summit AND Parent Summit

If you are a trans kid or parent of one (or more!) this is like getting together with your extended family to exchange stories and ideas. Empowerment and information.

Trans Awareness Month

This month of events grew out of the Trans Awareness Week that was started by MTPC some years back. Now it’s taken on a life of its own at the capable hands of our vibrant and growing community.

Lawyers for Transgender Rights

This fundraiser allows supporters to enjoy for a cocktail party and donate to a worthy cause at the same time. Lawyers for Transgender Rights brings together lawyers, law students, law firms, legal organizations, bar associations, and law schools to network and to support MTPC’s important work on behalf of the transgender community.

Drag Divas Give Back

Have a great time and help MTPC make a difference. This event is run by members of our local drag community to benefit MTPC, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of our sisters’ efforts. A great show and great folks makes for a good time.

House Parties

Always a pleasure, house parties give supporters an opportunity to enjoy a night of board games, wine tasting, a gourmet cook off, or just a night of socializing. Have fun while raising money for a good cause. Host your own!

Community Calendar

List your events and find out what’s going on in the trans community.

Trans-friendly job openings

Trans-related surveys and calls for submissions