Transgender Ally Super Lawyer Catherine E. Reuben

by Landen, MTPC intern

MTPC is proud to highlight 2014 Commitment to Service Award recipient Catherine E. Reuben as a Transgender Ally Super Lawyer.

Catherine E. Reuben

Catherine E. Reuben

Reuben is a founding member of Hirsch, Roberts & Weinstein, where she provides counseling, training, and litigation defense as a Labor & Employment attorney. She is a tireless advocate and dedicates her time to numerous bar association task forces. Reuben is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Budget and Finance committee, the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association, and the Committee on Transgender Inclusion Task Force. She has also served as Co-chair of the Employment Law Curriculum Advisory Committee for the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Association.

Reuben’s commitment to the transgender community is apparent in her work as a member of the American Bar Association Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and her membership on the Host Committee for the Lawyers for Transgender Rights event since its inception. She is also the flutist of the band Urban Myth, which has graciously played at LTR for several years.

In addition, Reuben has lent her expertise and voice to the advocacy for transgender clients and employees in her 2013 guideline entitled “Is Your Law Practice Welcoming to Transgender Employees and Clients?” in the GPSolo eReport for the American Bar Association. The guide outlines examples of conduct in employment settings that could be viewed as discrimination and details steps that law practices can take to create more welcoming and comfortable environments for transgender employees and clients. Although this guide is specifically directed at law practices, its concrete and straightforward suggestions are applicable to many other private and non-profit businesses as well.

We appreciate that Reuben’s guide rightfully places the responsibility on the employer and/or employees to correct their behavior, rather than on the transgender person to be more accommodating. She uses her extensive knowledge to push for more inclusive and diverse work environments by stressing the importance of being a legally compliant work environment, and by doing so she calls attention to transgender and gender non-conforming people’s constitutional rights.

We thank Cathy Reuben for her continued service to the transgender community. She is an inspiration and a valuable part of the movement. (And just you know, we think she plays a mean flute.)

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